What it is

City Smart Services solution based on Resco Field Service with offline, cross-platform apps. It provides cloud-based CRM environment designed specifically for municipalities, together with mobile apps created for residents and contractors/service technicians:

  • Mobile app for the citizens
  • Scheduling system for municipality officials
  • Mobile app for contractors/service technicians
How it works


Residents use the CitySmart Services app to submit reports to the municipality. Issues in public areas affecting residents can be brought up to the authorities’ attention effortlessly with just a few taps. They can also use the app to track the progress made on reported case and get notified when their report has been marked as resolved by the city representatives.

City officials

The responsible city officials will receive the report immediately in the Resco Cloud backend.Or in Microsoft Dynamics 365/CRM or Salesforce – if they’re already running either of those systems. The official will then use it to assign the case to an available contractor/technician to handle the issue on-site. And when a repair is completed they’ll receive a notification from the techs and can immediately change the status of the case to “resolved” and automatically notify the citizens.

Service technician

Once a case has been assigned by the city official, the technician will receive a notification about it in a dedicated app that is also part of the CitySmart Services package. The technician accepts the jobs and afterwards he/she fixes the problem on location. While carrying out the repairs, techs can document the activity – taking photos, videos, or even audio recordings, attaching them to the work order. And when the job is finished, the technician will send back the completed work order directly from the app.

Run CityService app on your phone or tablet. Tap the New Report button in the home menu.
Select category
Select the category for the problem you’re reporting.
Attach a photo
Use your device’s camera to attach a photo or video.
Find location
Localize the problem effortlessly with GPS.
Send report
Check the report overview and hit Send to notify the authorities.
Track the progress
Effortlesly track the progress and recieve a notifications when issues are resolved.
Collect reports instantly
When a citizens sends a report from the mobile app, city officials will receive it immediately in a cloud-based CRM environment designed specifically for municipalities
Review the report
With all the essential information available there and then, you can quickly assess the importance and prioritize of each report.
See who’s available
On the Resources tab you can see which contractor/service technician is available and has the suitable skills to take care of the job at hand.
Assign work orders
Create a work order from the report and then assign it to the selected contractor/technician with just a single click on the save button.
Track the progress
You can check on the progress of work orders as technicians share updates via their dedicated app.
Let residents know
Update the status of work orders and notify city residents about the latest developments with just a few simple clicks.
All information in one place
Receive workorders instantly with all the details required to complete the job available there and then.
Always find your way
Using the Map view, you can see exactly where the issue is located and navigate directly to the site.
Up-to-date schedule in Calendar
Get a clear overview of your agenda and avoid any scheduling conflicts by seeing the work orders you have planned for each day
Effortless reporting
Provide instant updates from the job to keep the city officials in the loop. Share status of the work order, actual start and end date and time of the job, equipment used and more.
Manage the entire process

Receive requests from citizens, distribute work orders to service technicians and communicate with both parties effortlessly – all the tools are in your hands.

Tailor the system to your needs
As most municipalities have unique processes in place, you can easily tailor the solution using the Woodford configuration tool. Whether to add functionality to the apps for citizens and technicians, or alter the scheduler - City Smart Services is fully customizable to your municipality’s requirements.
Communicate directly
The solution enables to effectively communicate with all stakeholders involved. Service technicians can use their app to document the job and feed the details to the municipality. Based on that city officials can update the status of the report and share the latest developments with citizens.
Expand the usage
City Smart Services utilizes ready-made app templates with design, schema and source code available as a starting point. Allowing municipalities to utilize the solution in multiple scenarios. Additionally, any mobile project can be also exported as a web application. Available in any internet browser, on any device – an ideal solution for scenarios when having just a mobile app might not be sufficient.
Easy to use, easy to manage
Compatible with all major CRM systems
Built on the Resco Mobile CRM technology, CityService can easily integrate with Microsoft Dynamics/365, Salesforce, or Resco Cloud.
Ready to go straight out-of-the-box
The app can be used right away, without any extensive setup. However, using the Woodford configuration tool it can be modified to fit even the most unique requirements.
Anywhere, anytime, even offline
Even if you discover a prohibited landfill in the middle of the forest with no cellular coverage, the CityService report can be sent automatically, when your device reconnects to the Internet.
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